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What is a Glider Kit?

Envision a new truck, take away the engine, transmission, Drivelines, and rear axles… Re-use the major components from an existing vehicle to build a refurbished truck with many new components. If required, we offer factory installed re-manufactured Engines or New Rear Axle assembly installation options. Save up to 40% of the costs of a new truck with a Western Star Glider Kit.Glider Kits allow a customer to re-use the major components from an existing vehicle, to build a refurbished truck using many new components.
  Explaining a Glider Kit
  • All current models are available as a Glider. Established older models represent the bulk of the business. Popular models are WST 4900 FA/SA/EX and 6900XD.
  • Front axle assembly, complete with wheels and tires is standard and required.
  • Provisions for customer furnished engine, transmission and rear axle.
  • Standards include (vary by model): Battery box, 100 gallon fuel tank, air conditioning components, power steering pump and reservoir, transmission shift control, radiator, fan shroud, engine harness and exhaust system (exhaust completeness varies by EPA year, call for clarification). All cooling, CAC, air brake systems and plumbing are mounted where possible. Assembly completion is supported by approximately 160 loose parts, that are boxed separately, and shipped with the kit.
  • Gliders provide a financial alternate option when you consider FET and fuel economy savings.

What a Glider Purchase Can Do For You

  • Lets you re-use valuable components from your truck or fleet
  • It is a cost effective alternative to those not ready for a new truck
  • Offers competitive financing – available through Daimler Truck Financial or participating banks
Gliders By Western StarNow is your chance to update your truck in style. Whatever your personal tastes or application, Glover’s Truck Center can spec the truck you’ve always wanted, from paint to upholstery. Whether you are an individual operator updating an older vehicle, a business owner making an application conversion, or the manager of a fleet looking to standardize and control costs. A Glider Kit is the answer to your needs.

Why a Glider Kit Will Work For You

  • Extends the life of older vehicles by re-using valuable components.
  • A vehicle’s configuration can be changed from a sleeper to a day-cab
  • Entire vocation
  • Competitors model and/or components to a DTNA glider
  • Improved cost per mile, better fuel economy, less maintenance with proven technology
  • Potential savings up to 40% over new truck purchase (depending on customer supplied components)
  • Full factory backing with all new components, 1 year/100,000 mile warranty is standard; optional extended warranties available through Daimler Extended coverage Group. Full engine warranties will vary by engine manufacturer.
  • Full Daimler Trucks North America Dealer network support
  • Not settling for another brand based on price
  • F.E.T. exempt in most cases (USA only)
  • New truck “financing rates” – often old components value can be used against down payment
  • Gliders come with a new model year and VIN which are deductible and depreciate as a new asset
  • Many older models, no longer available, are available as a Glider.

Glider F.E.T. and EPA

WST 49FA 123 LH Side View
  • Gliders are released without the 12% FET assessment, as 2 of the 3 major components a transmission, engine, or rear axle must be missing, and assumed customer supplied. FET may or may not be due upon completion. Ruling is 91-27 and can be found under, see your tax consultant or IRS agent for clarifications. “DONOR” vehicle is required.
  • 75% Safe Harbor Rule – customers completed Glider Kit (purchase price, labor, parts) must be 75% or less of the cost of a new vehicle (fare market price). Potential 12% savings right off the top – USA only.
  • EPA year of Remanufactured Engine installed must be same or newer of vehicle VIN coming out of service in which customer has possession of a title. Without this the government requires you meet current EPA standards. check with your state and local government for additional requirements.
  • Engine “Prep Kits”, for customer-supplied engines, are any electronic 1998 – 2007 EPA year designed for the model being kitted.

Powered Glider Program

Daimler Trucks offers the ONLY powered Glider on the market – which is a HUGE benefit to our customer’s cost, ease of assembly and reliability of their Glider Kit.
  • DDEC Series 60 12.6L & 14.0 L 98 to 2007 EPA engines available to 550HP 3-year/300,000 mile “included” warranty upon Step UP registration.
  • MBE 900 remanufactured power in 98-2004 EPA, 2-year/200,000 mile warranty.
  • MBE 4000 remanufactured power in 98-2004 EPA, 3-year/300,000 mile warranty “included” upon Step UP registration.
  • CAT C-12, C-15, & C-16 98 EPA engines available to 600HP with 2-year/200,000 mile warranty, std. “pre-ACERT”.
  • Cummins ISM / ISX / N14 electronic engines (up to 600HP): 98 EPA “pre-EGR” 1-year/100,000 mile warranty, standard — also — ISX 2-year/200,000 mile warranty.
  • Core charges and refunds vary depending on engine purchased, core model and condition of core returned. Engine core exchange must be of “like brand”.
  • Reduces Glider build by approximately 20 hours.
  • Great way to upgrade from a mechanical to a fuel efficient electronic engine.
In most cases, remanufactured engines are less expensive than an “in-frame” overhaul and is supported by the manufacturing and Engine OEM warranties.Remanufactured engines include: fan, fan hub, alternator, starter, engine harness and fluids. the engine is basically ready to go.

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