• 501-945-2000
  • 800-321-0046
  • North Little Rock, AR
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  • DN/23530573
  • Spin-on Full Flow Detroit Oil Filters
  • $11.31
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  • FUL/A6913
  • Fits Eaton 13-speed
  • $48.29
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  • ABP/N55-BU2000C
  • Backup Alarms
  • $13.04
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  • EPM/AE931MF
  • 650 CCA, 145 RC Batteries
  • $91.65
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  • FUL/K292
  • Basic rebuild kit for FRO transmissions
  • $456.85
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  • BLR/BS86070
  • Basic rebuild kit for FRO transmissions
  • $42.46
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  • ABP/N31-0CB001006
  • 18" Texas Square Bumpers
  • $316.14
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  • SP/208925-25
  • 15.5" Easy-Pedal Clutch, 2050 ft. lb.
  • $884.93
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  • ABP/N795-23705
  • Alliance 12-ton Bottle Jack
  • $44.07
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  • ABP/N54A-B9013R
  • 2" LED Clearance / Marker Lamps
  • $4.51
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  • ABP/N74B-20311
  • West Coast Mirrors, 7" x 16", heated
  • $20.77
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  • BTS/B57S
  • 30.25" Straight Arm Mud Flaps, Stainless
  • $143.03
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  • Water Pumps

At Glover’s, we have some of the most experienced parts personnel in Arkansas; our parts team is ready and waiting to help you find exactly what you need! Our dealership sits comfortably under the “Daimler Umbrella,” which gives us access to huge parts inventories located around the nation. If we don’t have it in stock at our location, then we can have it shipped to you overnight — if it is important to keep your fleet moving!When you do your parts shopping with us, you will find:

  • Large parts inventory
  • Best-in-class assistance
  • Great prices
  • Delivery available anywhere in Arkansas

We also offer access to Ford Heavy Duty truck parts. Our staff are the most experienced Ford Heavy Duty Parts professionals in the state and can help you find those hard to locate parts for your heavy duty Ford fleet.

Service Department

Our expert certified team of technicians will help keep you informed about what diagnosis has been made, parts availability, and when you can expect the repair to be complete.

Body Shop

With the best tools available in Arkansas, we repair, repaint, and restore all makes and models of semi-trucks and semi-trailers.

Driveline Department

With over 35 years of experience and a complete inventory of driveline parts, we can straighten and balance your driveline, and replace yokes, U-joints or carrier bearings.

Rebuilt Transmissions

Stocked with the brands you love, specialized in Allison and Eaton models, and guaranteed with next-day shipping, we assure your satisfaction. Plus, if your transmission is shipped in Arkansas, then delivery is free!

Rebuilt Differentials

With factory trained technicians and 300 units in stock, we maintain the highest standards. We will deliver your differential next-day, and, in Arkansas, shipping is free!

Rebuild Department

Our extensive inventory, from light to heavy duty Fuller, Spicer, Mack, Rockwell, IHC, and Allison Automatics, combined with our knowledgeable sales staff, will seamlessly handle your rebuilding needs.

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