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Glider Kits: Restore Your Rig & Save Big

Save thousands with a glider kit from Glover's!

Think you need a new truck? You may want to think again…

With a glider kit from Glover’s Truck Center, if your drivetrain is still intact we can provide you with everything else to get on the road again. Our glider kits allow truckers to re-use the major components from existing vehicles to build refurbished trucks using many new components.

Glider trucks retain the engine, transmission, driveline, and rear axle from your old truck. With a Western Star Glider Kit, your “new” truck will cost up to 40 percent less than one off the assembly line. If required, Glover’s also offers factory-installed, re-manufactured engines or new rear axle assembly installation options.

While all current models are available as gliders, established older models represent the bulk of the business. Popular models include WST 4900 FA/SA/EX and 6900XD.

The front axle assembly, complete with wheels and tires, is standard and required with our glider kits, along with provisions for the customer-furnished engine, transmission and rear axles.

Standard kits, which vary by model, include the following: Battery box, 100-gallon fuel tank, air conditioning components, power steering pump and reservoir, transmission shift control, radiator, fan shroud, engine harness and exhaust system. All cooling, charge air cooler, air brake systems and plumbing are mounted where possible. Your assembly completion is supported by roughly 160 loose parts boxed separately and shipped with the kit.

Here are a few other key considerations:

  1. Glider trucks usually are exempt from the federal excise tax.
  2. Competitive financing is available through Daimler Truck Financial or other participating banks.
  3. Update your truck to suit your personal taste or usage. Glover’s can spec the style of truck you’ve always dreamed of, from paint to upholstery.
  4. Glider kits allow you to reconfigure your rig from a sleeper to a day cab.
  5. You’ll save with improved cost per mile, better fuel economy and less maintenance with proven technology.
  6. Full factory backing with all new components is provided by a one-year/100,000-mile standard warranty, with optional extended warranties available.

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